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DIY Painting Motorcycle Manifolds

August 24, 2019

Almost a month I've manage to drop my motorcycle on one side. Until I've manage to pick it up, I've noticed the manifolds, how dirty they seemed because of the engine heat. I cleaned them all the time but in maximum one week are going to brownish, with a dirty look again.



After a bit of documentation and so limited options( you have a few expensive, too expensive for my budget, options) to keep them looking clean, I've decided to paint them myself, as a DIY low budget project.



As couldn't find proper articles about what paint is better to use on motorcycle manifolds, I've picked four different brands which are stating that the paint is heat resistant.The brands were:

- E-Tech Engineering

Paint rated to resist at approximately 650°C

-Akzo Nobel Hammerite

Paint rated to resist at approximately 600°C


Paint rated to resist at approximately 800°C

- Halfords

Paint rated to resist at approximately 500°C


The manifolds were cleaned properly with sandpaper with 1200 grit and after that wiped properly as per instructions stated on the four cans.

The first part of this project is finished.
Wasn't easy but made it.

And the first results are already showing.

All 4 manifolds were cleaned, prepared, treated the same, all done exactly after the instructions on the spays, only the paint was different- different brands.
All paints supposed to stick on manifold and metal, resistant to high heat temperatures.


After I've put all the parts back and my bike is in one piece, I've wiped the manifold and we have already the first flakes off. The "lucky winner" until this moment is AkzoNobel .
Now let's see how the paints will be after daily commuting and upcoming riding holiday in August.

I've  rode the bike through sea water, when the tide was flooding the road in Mersea Island. 



Every manifold was sprayed with different brand.After I rode with the bike through sea water on Mersea Island, during the tide, after a few washes, after almost 2000 miles we have two winners:


Paint rated to resist at approximately 800°C


 -E-Tech Engineering
Paint rated to resist at approximately 650°C 





But I'm putting my money on Simoniz paint as is in the central of the manifolds, where the heat is higher and the air flow isn't that powerful to cool down the metal, as it is on the side, where I sprayed with E-Tech paint.




(*This is a DIY project, based on my own research, discussions with professional car/motorcycle painters, with bought paints.) 




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