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#TeachingTuesday-Blind Spots and Air Turbulence around lorries

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Stay out of a lorry’s blind spots. They are much bigger than you think. If you can’t see the driver in one of the lorry’s mirrors, the chances are that the driver can’t see you. The biggest blind spot is on the inside (or kerbside), and on an articulated lorry this blind spot gets bigger as the lorry turns. Do not ride here.

Do you realise motorcycles have blind spots, not just cars and trucks? Many drivers assume that, since motorcycles lack the pillars typical of most passenger vehicles, the rider doesn’t have to worry about blind spots. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A rider who fails to check his blind spots can cause a serious accident by colliding with another vehicle, or by forcing a car to swerve into oncoming traffic. A lack of blind spot checks accounts for many accidents on UK roads each year and as a motorcycle rider, you don’t have a steel shell to help protect you. As a vulnerable motorcyclist, attending to other vehicles blind spots is as important as your own. In general, most motorcycles will have blind spots to the sides and rear, some often don’t even have mirrors! A combination of mirror checks and blind spot checks should always be performed so you know exactly what’s going on behind you. Check blind spots not only for your own safety, but for other road users before you signal or change direction. Don’t assume they have seen you or your indicators. If you took the new style MOD1 test to get your license, you will know all about the “life saver” glance, if you don’t do them at the right times, you could fail your test….they are that important! This involves looking behind (not just once) as well as using your mirrors before you carry out a change of lane, turn, or any manoeuvre which could put you in the way of other vehicles. Be aware of other vehicle blind spots, especially left hand drive lorries; the driver is on the other side of the vehicle so will not have as good visibility as right hand drive (even with blind spot mirrors fitted). Check out some of the images to see the key areas to look out for.

Air turbulence :

Lorries create a lot of air turbulence, especially when they’re travelling quickly. When one overtakes, there’s a powerful suction effect that will draw a motorcycle towards the lorry – speeding you up and, if you’re not prepared for it, slewing you out into the road.

DO NOT ride close to the truck , try and move your position to the far side of him. There is a sucking type of draft that can pull you under the truck. Be aware of the weather conditions and do not ride out of your experience. As long as you stay in the line of thier veiw they will know you are there and won't pull infront of you. Riding too close to the lorry is't advised.

Stay safe and ride safe.

Denise S.

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