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Female Riders of GS Trophy 2020 New Zealand 

BMW MOTORRAD INTERNATIONAL GS TROPHY 2020 is at the seventh edition.

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After Tunisia, Southern Africa, Patagonia, Canada, Thailand and Mongolia this year the trophy will be held in New Zealand starting on the 9th until 16th of February 2020. The event is not a race but a team competition, pitching the GS-riding international contingent against each other in a series of challenges – and not all involving riding. With the competitors camped nightly in a bivouac, the event also fosters a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood and camaraderie. Equally the GS Trophy is a celebration of culture and nature, the riders learning about the surroundings and local traditions. GS BMW owners can apply to the qualifiers every other year, in the hope of making it on to their national team and heading to some far flung destination aboard the German manufacturer’s flagship. 2018 Trophy edition was held in Central Asia with 18 teams from 21 nations tackle the vast Mongolian Steppe, travelling 2350km (1460 miles) across eight days. In the end, the South African team took victory for the second year running, while Britain came seventh. Now, the destination for 2020’s Trophy is New Zealand. In 2018 were two female teams, in Mongolia. And once again there will be two female teams. For the 2020 edition, BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Female Team Qualifier was in 2019 with three days of adventure motorcycling competition near Málaga, Spain. 31 women representing 20 countries all over the world competed for one of the six places on offer in what will be the seventh running of the prestigious BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, to be held in New Zealand in February 2020.

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The BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy officials stated in the press release: "While prior to the event BMW Motorrad had guaranteed places for three women (one team) in the New Zealand competition, for the second time in GS Trophy history the quality of the riders in this women’s qualifier was of such a standard that a second team of three deserved to be included. In the 2017 event this had been communicated at the end of the competition, but this year it was announced ahead of the third and final day, so each could do their utmost to qualify. The final day’s super test did then see the leader board reshuffle, bringing joy and heartbreak in equal measure. Finally, though, the International GS Trophy 2020 has its six women competitors: Isabella Londono Rivas from Colombia, Nikki van der Spek from the Netherlands, Claire Bichard from France, Lisa Taylor from the USA, Andrea Box from Australia and Klara Finkele from the United Kingdom." Having a look at the numbers, we can see that the event is growing on the female riders community which is incredible. At the first female qualifier, organised in 2015, ten finalists were picked from over 100 applicants. In 2017, 23 competitors won their place in the female final through their national/regional GS Trophy qualifiers. For this year's event, there was a considerable increase, having 32 (including one last minute cancellation) women qualified. Unquestionably, this growth both in numbers and riding quality reflects the continued worldwide rise in women’s interest in adventure motorcycling. This year the newly participating countries were Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands and Norway. The presence of competitors from some of those countries –reflects changing attitudes towards women participating in recreational motorcycling.

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Statements from the winning riders of the qualifier:

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🇨🇴Isabella Londono Rivas (COL) “This is an unexpected feeling (to have won), I didn’t come here anticipating this, I came here to ride this bike and have a great experience – but here I am, number one! Right now I can’t imagine going to New Zealand, I can’t believe it. Probably when I wake up in the morning I’ll think about it, it’ll be more real.”

🇳🇱Nikki van der Spek (NLD) “This is unbelievable, New Zealand has been on my bucket list for so long, so to be going now with the GS Trophy is amazing, really! I didn’t expect to finish so high. And I’m lucky to be here, I’ve seen the GS Trophy in the press and online, but this year is the first time Holland is participating, so I thought it’s now or never, just do it – and here I am!”

🇫🇷Claire Bichard (FRA) “I am very proud to be here as I only started to ride off-road one year ago. I love going off-road and being in the nature and going where I want to go on my F 800 GS. People told me to get a smaller moto, but I said no, I want to learn on this moto, I love her. Being here I have felt what it is like to be a part of the GS family, this is a competition but between all the women here there is a link, a bond.”

🇺🇸Lisa Taylor (USA) “This is incredible and I’m in disbelief, thrilled to bits and excited – and now looking forward to New Zealand. I never thought I’d get here, I really didn’t see myself even being here, so this whole thing is quite a surprise. And it’s my first time travelling outside of the USA; I absolutely love it and this has given me the gumption to travel internationally some more and get immersed in different cultures and peoples. But for now I have to prepare for New Zealand so I’m just going to keep on riding – make life a ride, for sure!”

🇦🇺Andrea Box (AUS) “Two weeks ago I got married, seven days ago we bought our first house and today I’ve qualified for a GS Trophy Female Team – it’s been a massive month, I’m so excited! This has been three or four years in the making, I’ve been aspiring to it, every ride it’s been in the back of my mind, ‘this will make good practice for the GS Trophy’ so to have been given a second chance and to have made it is phenomenal. So I must thank my family and my husband Dan – who’s waiting for his honeymoon to start!”

🇬🇧Klara Finkele (GBR) “I came here thinking a nice midfield position would be good because I’ve been doing trials for about two years and I’m always coming last and I do cry with the frustration. So when at the end of the first day they called the results and they’d got to the top ten without calling my name I honestly thought they’d forgotten me. When they said I was fourth my jaw dropped. This last day I made mistakes and I knew it would be tight, I was biting my nails. I’m over the moon. Three months ago when I took my Beemer for a ride and entered the UK GS Trophy qualifier I could not have imagined it would lead to this!”

The Trophy started today, having at the start point 23 teams, including two female teams. All the riders will have to compete on the BMW F 850 GS.

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The riders of Int. Female Team 1 are:

Claire Bichard (32) comes from France and works as an office manager.

Isabela Londono (26) is an architect from Columbia.

Nikki van der Spek from the Netherlands is working twenty-four-seven with bikes because she’s a motorcycle instructor.

Everyone is excited to be part of the adventure Int. GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand!

Info: http://bit.ly/2HjuOrP

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2HjuOrP )

(Photo credit: http://bit.ly/2HjuOrP )

We'd like you to meet the ladies from the second team:

Andrea Box (28) works as trauma nurse in her homeland Australia.

Klara Finkele (54) represents Ireland and is a professional scientist.

Policewoman Lisa Taylor (47) comes from the USA.

All three participants can hardly wait and are looking forward to new friendships and a great time!

Info: http://bit.ly/2H9dN3q

Team.FB page: http://bit.ly/37aIVtR

(Photo credit http://bit.ly/37aIVtR )

(Photo credit http://bit.ly/37aIVtR )

In the future, if you will want to attend The UK Qualifier will, as always, take place over late May bank holiday at Walters Arena, home of Off Road Skills.

Owners of any BMW motorcycle are invited to attend, where they will be tested on their Technical riding skill on and off-road, navigation, mechanical competence and team work. The entry fee is £125 and includes camping, two evening meals and two breakfasts, route notes and challenges, and use of GS's on the off-road tasks.

Good luck ladies !!!

For more information about BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy please go to www.gstrophy.com. Internet: www.press.bmw.de E-mail: presse@bmw.de



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