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#MotivationMonday- Kiana Clay

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Is Monday and if you need a bit of motivation, today you will meet Kiana Clay.

Photo credit: Kiana Clay FB page

"Southern California native, Kiana Clay, has always had the need for speed since she can remember. From the time she could walk, she's always wanted to go fast. Whether it was on her skateboard, snowboard, scooter, bicycle, or roller blades, you'd find Kiana zooming around somewhere. At the age of 7, her father, Roger Clay, purchased her first motorcycle which was a PW80. She rode it in trails, tracks, and in her front yard. The first time she rode, she was hooked. By the age 11, she was competing nation wide on her KX and YZ85. Little did she know, that the sport she loved would make her disabled. On November 18, 2006, Kiana was racing at Freestone County Raceway in Wortham Texas. As it had rained the day before, the track was muddy and deep. It was during practice when she crashed on the back side of the finish line jump from her back tire sliding out and got landed on by another rider that was right behind her. The front part of the other riders bike landed right on her neck, which severed her nerves with a complex neck injury called brachial plexus. As she woke from being knocked out for about 4 minutes, she noticed that she could not move her arm whatsoever. After being sent to 3 different hospitals, she finally received her diagnoses which was full paralysis in her dominant right arm. About a month after her racing accident, her and her father got in a car wreck and flipped multiple times in their truck from a drunk driver. Because of that wreck, she lost all chances of her getting her arm back." - text quoted by Kiana on her website.

Photo credit: Kiana Clay FB page

"I will never forget, waking up on the stretcher, trying to move all my limbs and realizing that I couldn’t feel or move my right arm. It was by far the most terrifying moment of my life. I had no idea how to react other than to scream. I will be honest, that first week, I never wanted to see a dirt bike again. I hated the idea of motocross and everything about it. It took away one of my limbs and made my life beyond challenging from that point. Anger was all I felt.


After time, getting adapted to being disabled and grasping hard truths of my new reality, my anger went away and I started to miss racing. It’s all I wanted to do, despite my outcome. I tried out for everything you can think of in middle school and high school. I felt so out of place and unhappy in everything I pursued. I thought that, ‘I’m going to have to settle with this. This is my life now.’ I kept reflecting back to my parents and multiple doctors that kept telling me that I will never be in action sports, let alone race dirt bikes again. But one day I decided; it’s my life. I’ll make the call of what’s ‘impossible’. - Fast forward, here I am. I’m happy I got back on the bike. I proved to myself what I am capable of, and better yet, I’ve been able to help people. Yes, it’s frustrating that I can’t ride fully to what I know I can and win every race; but dang. I’m back to doing what I love and that makes me so happy. I’m no longer angry at the sport, but rather I am grateful. It has given me SO much more opportunity and happiness than any desk job will ever give me. Always look at what you have rather than what you don’t. What I have still lets me pursue my dreams and what’s makes me, me. & that’s enough."- text quoted by Kiana on her FB page

Photo credit: Kiana Clay FB page

Read more and see what this amazing female rider its up to on her website: http://www.kianaclay.com/bio.html and FB https://www.facebook.com/KianaClay23/ A video story here : https://youtu.be/2kw4hzI5r1A Yours, Andreea

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