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Triumph Factory Visitor Experience

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Myself and the new editor, Denise planned a surprise trip for our partners. Where to?

We told them somewhere north. They never guessed until we were literally in from of the Triumph Factory -Hinckley.

We read online what's about, but didn't knew what to expect.

We were greeted straight away by a nice employee- Pete who turned up to be our tour guide.

On site you have a nice cafe, lockers if you want to leave your gear or any bags that you have with you.

We had a coffee and waited our tour slot.

You need to book it in advance, online here https://www.triumphmotorcycles.co.uk/visitor-experience

1:35 PM sharp we were called to pick up our HiViz and a earpiece.

We learn about all factories, locations, managers and that the factory is nearly building the bike number 1.000.000! 

The tour is amazing and you aren't allowed to take photos but to be fair that is much better because you can really focus on the descriptions of the factory, seeing exactly what everyone is doing and we found out some really great facts!

For example:

- if your Triumph has paint stripes on, all of them, are made FREEHANDED by only one employee- Gus- FREEHANDED!!! You will find his signature on the petrol tank if you will remove the seat and look where the petrol tank is attached to the frame!

-if your rims have strips they are done FREEHANDED by only one employee!!!

- the last 6 digits of your Triumph VIN number is the number your motorbike was on the production line!

- all the tools used to assembly the bikes wore assigned specifically for each type of nut and job, so no error was tolerated.

- if an employee is struggles with his bits on the production line, his working mate will jump to help. Really felt like a familly workshop :)

- the engine is brought to perfection by engineers due to measuring every bit of it by 1 micron. Bear in mind, the human eye can't see bellow 50 microns.

It doesn't matter in which factory, office you work abroad, you have your apprenticeship done at Hinckley as all the quality and safety standards mult be the same worldwide!

-the management is the same for all worldwide factories

- you see live brand new models which weren't released yet ( OMG OMG 😃😃😃a certain 900cc motorcycle which will be revealed soon is looking amazing!!!)

AND many more that you really need to find out yourself as is well worth the time.

Is amazing to really see the insights of this amazing factory and not only a documentary on telly.

AND because I work in transport and logistics can say that their warehouse and racking facilities where all the bike are kept for shipping is just WOW!

Pete was a brilliant tour guide, knowledgeable and the tour take around 1h30'.

After the tour you can enjoy the cafe, you will see displayed all the motorcycle engines, the exhibition centre and the Triumph Store.

In the exhibition centre you can see a lot of Triumph motorcycles and I was surprised to see that they've displayed men and women, equally,  motorcycle gear.

Just remembered that Pete( our tour guide) during our visit, he also always specified that ladies and gents are working side by side in the factory and in the offices. A few ladies are working in the Paint Booths, so probably you got a Triumph with a 'personal touch'.

The tour is well worth the money, is a great way to spend a few hours, is a great gift to someone that likes motorcycles and is a great destination if you want to be riding somewhere 🏍🦸‍♀️.



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