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Stay warm: Keis heated vest- product review

Autumn is here!

Is that moment of the year when the temperature is starting to drop and the daily commute or a late autumn ride is demanding extra layers.

I always hated looking as the Michelin man, with extra layers, which just narrows my movements so I said that I need to research this issue better and to find a solution. Two years ago I went to Glasgow mid September, to buy a BMW F800 ST .

While I was there, I've decided to visit Dunnet Head- the most northern point of the mainland UK. Was a brilliant experience as I've tested my Gore-tex gear, riding in heavy rain almost 90% of the 4-days riding trip( oh well, was worth every mile). But then I've noticed that doesn't matter how good is the gear, you will feel it cold, especially during heavy rain or when riding during autumn/winter/spring. Then I've decided to plunge into the heated gear research. It was the cherry on top of the cake! OMG the time of the 5-6 items that I had under the jacket is long gone as I've chosen the Keis B501W vest .

Why them? *they are a UK company *they have a great size range from 6 to 20 *all the products have a premium quality and are well worth every penny *you find spare items if something isn't working *the products have a LIFETIME warranty on all heating elements (for products purchased on or after September 2014) ,2-year warranty on Keis Accessories, 180 days warranty on rechargeable batteries, 2-year arranty on the rest (materials).

The vest, in my opinion, has a great design. Is made of a breathable soft-shell material with stretch panels at the sides, while the heating elements, which have a lifetime warranty, cover the back, kidneys and chest.

Is easy to install it on the bike. All Keis heated kits are comes with a wiring harness for the battery ( fires will connect straight to the battery)and a variety of fuses to suit the kit you’re using. One weatherproof plug connects all of your gear to the bike, then you will find sockets on the inside of the vest, which can connect gloves and trousers. The wires are long and aren't stopping you to move, nor interfere with your riding.

When you will stop and switch the ignition, the vest will stop automatically so you don't need to worry that your battery will drain because of the heated gear. BTW don't forget to unplug otherwise you will drag the motorcycle after you as the plug good and isn't unplugging at the smallest pull. You have the option of plugging the gear to an external battery. The vest has,on the interior, a pocket specially designed for it. My battery that I have has 2600mAh which keeps me toasty around 3-4h, depending of the heating level-low, medium, high and you will receive a charger for it.

This makes the vest usable when you go skiing, snowboarding or just doing daily tasks outdoors as shopping, strolling or walking your dog. So you can see that this isn't just a motorcycle vest, but can be used on daily basis if you want to be warm.

The vest comes with a heat controller that tucks into the left pocket which has the zip upside down, so the cable passes out easily when you use it.

The controller is waterproof( in the photos, I still have the plastic on as is new), with three levels of intensity and off at the push of a button, with three bright LEDs that are easy to spot and to use. The vest is heating really quick and you need to make sure you aren't wearing it directly on the skin.

I've used this vest for more than 9.000 miles in the UK, France and Germany and as an all year round rider, using it on daily commute once the temperature drops below 10°C I highly recommend Keis products and caution: causing addiction! You will never have issues with trying to stay warm, to stop shivering and all the discomfort that low temperatures are causing when you ride.

I'm happy that I've chosen this brand, impressed with the quality and already bought the heated liner gloves and waiting for the heated trousers to be added to my gear collection 🤗.

( If you want me to review the heated inner gloves, let me know.)

More information you can find on https://www.keisapparel.co.uk/




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