• Andreea M.

Ride test 2019 BMW R Nine T Vintage 2019

Today I've had a chance to ride test a BMW R Nine T Vintage 21 at Bahnstormer Motorrad, 71-73 Furze Platt Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7NG. 

Is a naked bike, with retro design and just the basic speedo, rev gauge and no traction control representing that old school experience. 

The engine is a 1170cc four-stroke, DOHC, two cylinder boxer with 110HP.

On this model, BMW has keep the old type of air cooled boxer, which, if is the first time when you ride a motorcycle with this type of engine, you will have the impression that the motorcycle is unbalanced. I had a bit of rain and on the Maidenhead B roads, motorway too and I've manage to properly feel the BMW torque, Akrapovic manufactured exhaust, engine brake, the front and rear brakes. The rear brake lever is a bit low and you need to move your foot more but is adjustable.

The motorcycle is low, good for how short I am ( 1.64m) with a 805 mm seat but I've noticed that is wider and when I was stopping I wasn't comfortable. 

I couldn't feel the 222kg of the motorcycle but I was really feeling the engine vibration in the handlebars, making my hands going numb, which isn't pleasant.

Another minus for someone with a small hand is the distance to the turning signals switch. You need to take your hand from the clutch in order to put the signal on.

Overall is a nice motorcycle for short rides, with a good fuel autonomy .




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