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Triangle of Lights

Morning all! Today let's talk about the LIGHT TRIANGLE! Is voodoo that we are doing on ? NO! Is about safety on your motorbike and to increase your chances to ride safe home everytime, after a motorcycle ride out.

Do you know what is it and why was approved by the EU commission ?

There were researches done, proving that high visibility means that you are safer on your motorbike.

As some say that LOUD PIPES SAVES LIVES, we are saying that you can add something more. What? Extra DRLs-Daytime Running Lights- can be spotlight or fog lights which are on in the same time with your normal daylight. This extra was approved to be legal to be fitted on motorcycles, after researching, by the EU commission in 2008.

Not only once we had: SORRY MATE, I DIDN'T SEE YOU!

WHY? Because for a driver is hard to estimate, in the mirror, how fast a motorcycle is because of only a headlight .

Motorcycle safety has become a critical issue in road safety over the past few years.

To increase your visibility we have the option to fit on our motorcycle a pair of spotlights/fog lights as the studies shown that is easier to estimate someone's speed if you fit them in a triangle .

"The use of DRL on motorcycles reduces the number of multi-party daytime accidents by about 32%." Another study (Cavallo and Pinto, 2012) showed that daytime running lights (DRLs) on cars create “visual noise” that interferes with the lighting of motorcycles and affects their visual conspicuity.

If you want extra light if you will ride by night and you want to increase you chances to be seen, if you fit them, try to fit them that way so you will make a triange with your main headlight. A triangle configuration means central headlight plus two lights located on the radiator, fairings, forks,crash bars or rear-view mirrors.

Do you have extra, legal lights on your motorcycles?



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