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Happy Birthday!

Is nearly our second birthday, almost two years since I've started this lilttle dream to support female riders, to change the stereotypes that is just a men sport, a men hobby, a men lifestyle, only a men motorcycle world- and I love what I do.

I love bringing new content to you- please help me make it better!


But to keep doing it, I need your help.

Most of you don't  know that Female Riders UK is done in my spare time, something that I do to help, to empower and to support all ladies that are going to take this amazing path of the motorcycles and for the ones that are riding for years and share the adventures with our community. 

I'm proud of each and every lady rider that owns, riders a motorcycle and spread the love of this amazing steel horses with everyone!

July is a big pay month of the year for me, and I need to come up with £ 276 for web hosting and back up fees - otherwise, the webpage goes offline 😣. I work on it in my spare time, I pour my heart and soul into Female Riders UK, into doing the FIRST AND ONLY ODOMETER  CHALLENGE IN THE UK FOR FEMALE RIDERS, and I do my very best, but if I can't pay this bill, I'm not sure how to continue. All of my FB page, giveaways, FEMALE RIDERS UK MILES QUEST first( 2018 ) and second ( 2019) edition, website content, is and has always been a 100% free, and I know that nearly 3450 FB followers and 5600 subscribers on the website are enjoying it.

I need your help now. I need you to show us a little bit of love 🥰.

Please help me keep Female Riders UK going! Every little bit helps!

Every donation will help me going on.

If you want, you can use the PayPal address FEMALERIDERSUK@GMAIL.COM ( address will show up as my name -Andreea Maciuca- the name behind this community). If you can,  please choose sending as a friend, leave a delivery address in the paypal note so I can send you a Female Riders UK  sticker as a consideration of my appreciation!

 If you enjoy our content, please consider a donation: your support means everything to us!



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