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Michelin Motorcycle Fit2Go TMPS-product review

This time I’m writing about the Michelin Fit2Go TMPS- tyre pressure management system https://fit2gotpms.com/product/michelin-tpms-bike/

Why is important to have the correct tyre pressure ? Because proper tyre pressure is vital for safety, braking, grip and maximizing the life of your tyres and especially vital for your life. You'll find the correct tyre pressure on some tyres and all manufacturers are providing  the correct tyre pressure for each tyre type on their websites.

As per manufacturer “MICHELIN TPMS – Bike detects a tyre in distress through loss of pressure, fast leakage or an increase in temperature – often the sign of an impending blowout. Its compact display flashes as brightly as a mobile phone torch if it detects an issue, plus identifies whether it is the front or rear tyre affected.”

I've tested this system and this is my experience with it.

I’ve had the system on my motorbike for around 1000 miles already and I can say that now I do understand how important is to know for sure the state of your tyres pressure. I know all the theory but seems that I always fail to actually check it and to be aware of how important is for my own safety. 

Before fitting the sensors, I was confident that my tyres were inflated,but guess what? I've failed miserably! 

I haven’t inflated the tyres as suggested in the instructions as I wanted to check how right I was( in my dreams) or how unsafe I was riding my motorbike with the belief that I will know/ feel when the tyres aren’t ok.

This kit demonstrated me that as much as we want to ride safe, we are outlooking the most simple, but important things.

Fitting the kit literally takes you 5 minutes- most of this time you think where you can fit the receiver to look good 🤗and not to forget to take it off the bike. Just wipe and degrees very good the surface and stick it on!

Is easy to put on the sensors as they are marked F(ront) and R(ear).

 The receiver is charging on a USB port and I've done around 1000 miles and only 1 line of the battery (you have it on the receiver screen) went down so the battery will last you for a long time.

I’ve fitted as per instructions , except to do the tyre pressure before and I was gutted that my tyre pressure was sooo lowww and yes, the receiver is working after all the kit is on the bike and you ride for 1-2 miles so the receiver is calibrating itself with the sensors. After all the kit was on and I've noticed how low my tyre pressure was, I went straight to the gas station and done the tyre pressure.

Low as 26 PSI/1.79 BAR on my front tyre and 30 PSI/ 2.06 BAR on my rear tyre!!! OMG! 

I can confirm that the receiver indicates an accurate reading and now I can see exactly if I will have any issues with my tyres. If are deflated, if I have a puncture and losing air/tyre pressure. 

Is easy to read the screen. You have it either in BAR or in PSI, you just need to remove the receiver 3 times from the mount to change it as you prefer and you are good to go.

After fitting them on the bike, doing the tyre pressure , I’ve done a bit of speeding ( in legal speed limit range, of course, don't tell this to old Bill 🤗  ) and done a track day too, and I can guarantee that the wheels and tyres are feeling the same, no problems because of the sensors, no issues with the valves. As well the magnet on the receiver that holds it in the mount is heavy-duty and in the rain and speeding, is staying on the bike with no issues.

I always forget things on the bike but when I remove the key from the ignition, I see the receiver and I take it, never forgot it on. When you stop the motorbike, the receiver will be on for about 15 seconds if you keep it on the motorbike. If you remove it, is off straightaway.

In my opinion , all motorcycles should have this kit fitted on, as (it) saves you money on fuel, tyres and the most important, your life.

Is a valuable kit that will improve your riding, awareness and safety!

And the team from https://fit2gotpms.com/ are considerate with our safety and  they've set up a 10% discount code for our community. Feel free to use the code: FEMBIKERS10 when you check out buying the kit.



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