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Oxford Ladies Super Leggings - Black- product review

Last year I've purchased a pair of Oxford Ladies Super Leggings - Black.

Wanted something light and comfortable, yet safe to ride in, while doing short rides.

I was a bit skeptical about that all specifications offered by Oxford :

" The Oxford Ladies Super Leggings

For those women who like to have protection whilst looking and feeling good! Using DuPont Kevlar lining, these leggings offer serious protection, which includes great abrasion resistance and CE level 2 knee protectors plus hip protector pockets should you decide you need to upgrade. These leggings can also be worn under normal clothing, giving you extra confidence on your ride. Key Features / Points: CE Approved Armour Made with Dupont Kevlar Lining Hip Protector Pockets Velcro Free Knee Protector Pockets

Flag Stitching On Belt Loops"

I've payed around £99 on the leggings. When they arrived, I've tried them and being a stretch material, I was expecting them to fit.

I'm 5' 38" and as you can see, I don't have a slim fit figure and usually I'm a size 12/14. I thought that the leggings will be uncomfortable and very tight but when I've tried them, stretch material was fine, the high waistband was really keeping the leggings in place and is protecting your back from cold/wind.

You have the black stretch material and another interior material the Kevlar lining with pockets for hip protection if you want to add them and knee pockets with soft protections included.

When you first feel the material you think is thick and durable.

So, until that point I was content with my purchased.

Since then, I've test-ride them for more than 2.000 miles.

I'm lucky that until now I didn't had incidents to "try" the impact with tarmac but I can tell you that I'm not that into them. Why?

The pluses: I'm letting the marketing companies to wrap the product nicely, with all that presumed useful specs.

The minuses that I've found are just me looking properly at details that are in the price/quality balance and which can influence the safety that this leggings can/can't offer.

I've had them on while riding in hot weather and I was ok in them. Had them while pouring rain and, as expected, I was soaking wet.

I've wash them a few times, as per indications from the labels and the yellow Kevlar lining turned brownish/darkish. At the beginning the Kevlar lining was yellow( same colour as the protection pads).

As the weather was improving this week I've had them every day and I've noticed that where are the stitches, the material has little holes, between my legs, hips ( inside and outside) and all around the stitches.

You will find in the specs the words SERIOUS PROTECTION and I’m wondering how this leggings will protect a tarmac abrasion if they can't even be in good shape when I wear them just from time to time, not even on daily basis, not for a few weeks in a row or long rides for longer period.

The Kevlar lining isn't fixed to the material so every time you get them off, is a pain as is sticking to your legs and you need to arrange it again in the trousers.

The thread is becoming loose everywhere.

With all the material falling apart I can say that I can wear this only indoors if I’m doing something and I need knee pads, but definitely isn’t providing the protection that the manufacturer is advertising and “wrapping” nicely this item for selling it.

I think that they really need to take on board their designing and testing team real motorcyclist, both ladies and gents so they can really do a proper gear product, not just to sell.

For £100 you have a few better options to buy proper trousers/ motorcycle jeans.



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