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Women Riders World Relay-not a Sunday ride!

Today is the start of the first edition of this international event: Women Riders World Relay.

What is about?

Hayley Bell, the founder, a 27 year old office manger from Warrington, England  had an idea to unite under the same event, all female riders world wide, by connecting, planning, riding motorbikes and passing a baton across the world covering 90 countries in one year.

“We coordinate women motorcycle riders across the world to participate in the annual “Women Riders World Relay”, bringing fun, experience, confidence and a sense of unity to women riders globally”

The handcrafted baton that has a BikeTrac tracker fitted will be passed from one country to another, from one to another female rider guardian that enrolled to this event. Everyone can see where is located if you access the relay's website and

track the baton . 

All planning started in August  2018 on the  Facebook group  and WRWR website

The relay is starting at John O' Groats landmark today and covering the UK in 12 days. 

On the 11th day of the event, 9th of March 2019, there will be a stop at Ace Cafe London to celebrate the Official Launch  of the event and on the 12th day,10th of March 2019, will be an event at Sittingbourne Speedway Track to celebrate the baton leaving the UK and as well to discover more about speedway, trials, sidecars and motocross.

I'm supporting this event and I will be a part of day 11 and as well I will be attending the event on the 12 day. 

As our dear friend, Hayley Bell said: " let's WOW the industry!"

 Good luck and safe journeys to all the female riders that are supporting, promoting and participating to this event and making it possible.

See your there!!!



WRWR photos are copyright and can be found on the WRWR official website and official Facebook page 

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