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Manchester Bike Show 24.03.2018

Hi all! How was your weekend? Mine was about...of course: RIDING!!! Whereabouts? Manchester!

What can be better, on a Friday afternoon after work, then riding? Was a short, lovely riding from  London to Coventry with a lot of filtering, but oh well, motorways. Stopped to say Hi to some dear friends and catch up.

Saturday morning, around 8 AM, I was heading toward Manchester.

 Taken the M6 ( Toll)- didn't know that for bikes, by day you need to pay 2.60 GBP ( by night I think you pay just 1 pound). OK, if I paid, let's see if they keep it potholes free and how are the road conditions. I can say that you can spot a difference, slightly fewer potholes, but why? After more than 35 miles only in queues and filtering, all cars were stopped by two police cars with big LED signage: DON'T PASS! Why? no, fortunately, wasn't because of an accident. In front of us was a roadwork car like a van. Four men were swiping something on the road: the dust and gravel from the potholes!!! and guess what? They just put a couple of shovels of fresh tarmac, they leveled jumping on it and that was all! I couldn't believe it!!! This is why the roads are full of potholes!  They don't patch the potholes properly and in a couple of minutes, we were passing on the new tarmac and on bumps! OMG! Don't get me started on the road taxes that we pay...for nothing :( Finally, we are in Manchester, in Event City.

Left the gear in the Helmet Park( yep, for 1 pound you leave your gear safe and you can move/try bikes/try gear easily! What a relief! The place had a nice vibe, relaxed,  with people chatting and smiling, a thing that I couldn't notice on other shows like this, where people were grumpy, agitated and furious due to the lacks of space and other factors that organizers didn't think about. I was glad to see a lot of female riders trying bikes and gear and as well at this show, I've seen a lot of ladies selling the products and they knew their products! Glad to say hi to riders travel writers Zoe Cano https://www.zoecano.com/ and Derek Mansfield http://derekmansfield.com/ . Check their websites and buy the books because the stories are amazing!

Alex from Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours in South Africa https://www.kaapstadmat.com/ . Have I've told you that I want to go in August 2019 there, but I still need 8 ladies so we can do an only ladies safari adventure?  Check this up and let me know!

Had a talk with our friends from The Biker Guide who are doing an amazing job with this guide http://www.thebikerguide.co.uk/ and many thanks for the invitation to this event!

Needed to go and say hi to the ladies from The Hells Belles http://www.thecauldron82.co.uk/ who won the prize for the Club display from the show- the best stand trophy. Indeed the stand was awesome and the ladies are lovely.

We aren't judgmental and we support all ladies so needed to pass and say hi to the president from DYKES ON BIKES https://www.facebook.com/groups/DOBSussexWMC/

A big hug and a sparkly gift to the ladies from Curvy Riders http://www.curvyriders.co.uk/

Spoken with Natalie from https://www.colwynbayktm.com/ and she is lovely. Check their dealership for amazing deals.

Spoken with the lads from Bike Safe and Blood Bikers because I'm interested of becoming a blood biker.

By the way... I've done both safety courses and are brilliant. How many have you done?



Was an amazing show, with great offers, great people and a lot of soul!

See you next year!

Ooohh and after the show, my windshield has a new look, always supporting safety!

Yours truly, Andreea xoxo

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