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First Spidi Tour UK- The Bike Stop Stevenage feels like a big family

Today I’ve attended a rideout as is the UK’s firt Spidi Tour Uk 2018 .

Around 9 AM I’ve left home and headed to Stevenage.

The ride was a nice, easy one, 60 miles, but the roads with a lot of potholes.

I was there before 10 AM.

The place had a good vibe, with the owner and the staff of The Bike Stop smiling and talking with everybody.

There were a couple of female riders among all riders and that made me happy!

I’ve parked my bike, left the registration papers, received my rider pack with the official event t-shirt, a hi-viz vest, a sticker and a lanyard.

I can tell you that the shop is a lovely one. At the entrance you have the counter where you pay the products and a coffee shop. Is a nice place to spend your time, to enjoy a coffee and a good cake.

When you go farther in, you enter to a side of the shop with motorcycle accessories and bags.

The store has a 1st floor that has a big variety of ladies gear, gents, helmets, gloves and boots.

After checking all the store I went down because was almost 10:30 and the hideout was ready to start.

We had the induction done by Mr. Martin Brown, the owner of The Bike Stop. We were split into a couple of groups and each group had allocated two observers, one in front of the group and one that was closing the column.

The ride was a lovely one, around 40 miles on A roads.

During the ride, the only thing that was a bit annoying was that our observer (I know that the observer was James Haydon ex BSB and WSB rider and now TV presenter) didn’t have a constant speed and during the ride he stopped only once so we can regroup. We were lucky that two riders were stopping to wait the rest of the riders that had to stop at roundabouts or car cutting in, and show us the direction.Many thanks to the guy with a red Suzuki SV 1000 and to the rider with a black Triumph Tiger 800 .

The route was a nice one, even though a part of the route had road works, not that many potholes and sometimes slippery because of the mud on the tarmac from the cars.

When we were approaching Stevenage, the observer stopped three times so we can regroup.

Overall was a nice ride, without incidents and nice scenery.

We were back at The Bike Stop. Went into the shop and started trying things. I’ve tried a Dainese leather jacket, but I’m not into Dainese, as the jacket wasn’t true to size (I’ve noticed that all the gear for ladies aren’t true to size). I’m a size EU 42 and I’ve tried a size EU 46 and didn’t like how it was fitting me.

I was looking around and I’ve noticed another leather jacket. Was and is a RST leather jacket.

I’ve tried a size 14 and was a bit loose even though I had my Weiss heated vest on.

Tried a size 12 and fell in love with this jacket. RST leather jacket Kate

See the features in the link RST Kate leather jacket . I can guarantee you that feels and fits amazing because of the MaxTex side fabric just is flattering all types of body shapes and…wait for it…wait for it…the sizes go up to a size 20 and The Bike Stop has all the sizes and if they will not have it on stock, they will order it for you.

The lady that helped me was Lizanne.

Went down, had a coffee, chatted with a nice elderly lady and after I’ve found that is the owners mother that she came to say hello and to enjoy the event. For me this was a lovely act of support.

After enjoying the coffee and the chat, I wanted to leave, but I’ve seen that Norton Way Honda Motorcycle had drive tests with a couple of Honda bikes and as well a team from IAM was present there.

I’ve headed straight away to talk with them because I want to do the IAM course.

Started talking with the lady from there for a good half an hour.

A nice thing that happened was that a nice lady approached me (Louisa). All three of us we were chatting about the course and female riders. Was a very informative one and I’ve signed for a taster ride.

Is time to go riding.

I’ve stop to say hi to some friends of mine in Luton and received a text. Was a text from a lady that was so kind and went last year to Ace Cafe in London to get for me a signed copy of Elspeth’s Lone Rider book. I was WOW, how awesome was this meet up!!!

At the end of the day, I’ve discovered a great coffee shop with a great team that seems to be like a family and was my fist time visiting Stevenage, but not my last, I can assure you that The Bike Stop staff will see me again and again and again, is a promise :) The Bike Stop shop tour

AAAA and had I’ve told you that they are doing a ladies day on the 12 of June!

Info soon!!!

Yours truly,



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