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MCN Motorcycle Show - Excel London

Hi all, I've just returned from a short ride and as well from MCN Motorcycle Show at Excel London.

In the morning around 11, me, my OH and a good friend we went riding to the motorcycle show kinda with big expectations.

Because of MCN, because of London, because of one of the biggest trendsetters in the world. Arrived there, we were  lucky because we parked the bikes in an Excel hanger with security if you can say security in the UK, even though was a big sign that stated that you are responsible if the bikes will be damaged or happens something with it. OK, this was sorted, let's go up. We had our gear with us, didn't spot the place where you were able to pay and leave your gear in a locker, didn't see any signs directing people for lockers just the usual Excel cloakrooms (there are two cloakrooms which are open dependent on the event that you are attending one is in the west on level 0 by N4/S4 and one in the east on level 0). We went in. The main motorcycle manufacturers present were: * Yamaha * Suzuki * Norton * Ducati * Triumph * Indian * Moto Corsa * Piaggio * Husqvarna * Honda * BMW  * KTM * Kawasaki * Lexmoto

I bet that if you will stroll in the car park you will see more amazing bikes than the ones from the exhibition. If you look at the list of exhibitors, you will say that are a lot of things to see and to buy. But if you ask me the only things interesting were: *COYS classics zone *Adventure Village *Lexmoto marketing idea: when you try one of Lexmoto bike, a photographer is there to do a photo of you and you enter automatically in a raffle and you can win the bike that you've  tried. If you ask me, is the best marketing idea that I've noticed for a long time. I've tried to find Mrs. Elspeth Beard- first UK Woman to ride around the world on a motorcycle and Mr. Derek Mansfield, but didn't have the honor, missed them. Motorcycle: you need to stay in a queue for every motorcycle if you want to be near and to try it and couldn't be bothered to waste time.

I've tried only the Ducati Diavel and Indian Scout. The two motorcycles that I'm totally in love with.

I admit that sports bikes are amazing, all that speed, all that torque, all the designs, all combined are just a masterpiece of engineering. But to use them where? On M's where the speed limit is 70 MPH, on London roads full of potholes and manholes, on country roads full of speed cameras with a limit of 30 MPH and above all: the horrifying increase of bike theft and moped-related crimes? I understand that if you have money to buy a 15.000GBP bike, you have money for a full insurance that will give you the money back, but still... is something alarming and the police and our politicians don't do anything for the safety of our goods!!! I think that speed bikes are for tracks, not for roads. The roads aren't The Isle Of TT  all year round.... However, I want to discuss only the limited options that companies give to short ladies/people. From 10% to none! If and when they will open the eyes and see that we have money to spend, they will not target the wrong people to do the marketing on and maybe their sales will go up. They need to acknowledge that we are raising the next generations of bikers.

You don't need just to shrink it and pink it! You need to lower the seat and give us more options for better-designed gear, not to look like the Michelin men. *By the way, the guys from Michelin were brilliant, but still, you need more ladies on your team  ;) * Gear segment for ladies: * just a couple of Dainese and Alpinestars jackets- of course, small sizes *Moto Girl team is doing a great job with the kevlar gear for women *Infinity with Keis heated gear and Rukka Suki sets *the helmets are at a seriously reduce prices *spotted just a stand with Daytona ladies boots and mainly that's all the variety of gear for ladies.

The interesting part you will find in the adventure village are all the speakers that are telling amazing stories that they've done, the touring companies that are doing tours (stopped to say hello to our friends from Biking Abroad Spain) , a couple of small UK companies that do amazing cleaning products, lubs and accessories and the MCN Thunder Drome in the middle of the venue.

Being a female rider for 10 years, I was happy to see ladies testing motorcycles and not just being backpacks (or willing to give up on that status, hopefully ). But, my " surprise" was that only a few of the main manufacturers had women as sale representants. But not even one of them trained to invite other women to come and try the bikes and to give them some heads up, to empower them that motorcycles aren't that dangerous, that everything can be learned by practice and that motorcycles aren't just for men. Without offense, I've asked one of the staff from Suzuki why only GSXR 1000 is there, but not the GSXR750 and other bikes and they didn't know. I needed to tell them that they aren't doing them at the moment because of emission 4 failing, they need an ECU approval, Honda, as well as major changes in emission regulations and they went: oh well, spend money on other bikes...ok...good job! right sales attitude!!! I hope that in the future more companies will hire women riders and as well will promote them, not just to hire pretty ladies with a tone of makeup to spread promotional basic thing, but to hire in their team women that really love this sport and do this with passion and dedication! Overall is a nice event that I bet that wasn't easy to organize, but was below my expectations and I was glad that was a sunny day and went straight riding my bike for a few miles. And this were the only things i've manage to get in hold ( meaning i don't like to carry extra things with me but this couldn't refuse them  ) .

But this is just my opinion. Just pop an email or share on our FB page you opinions about the event, I'm curious to see what do you want to improve at this show. Yours truly,



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