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New year, new resolutions...new bike

2018 is here. I think that every single one of us, in our mind, at the beginning of the year we have some plans, ideas, resolution for next year. That way we have some guiding lines about what we want to do in the near future. Mine, to be honest, are related only to health and bikes: 1. To be healthy so I can manage to overcome everything that life will throw in my path. If you're not healthy, you don't have anything; 2. RIDE MORE; 3. LOOSE WEIGHT -All bike related of course as I can’t fit into my gear after Christmas :D 4. Everything else: I will appreciate and respect the people in my life that are supportive and manage to keep up with my insane, chaotic lifestyle. Ride, live, love!

A couple of days ago I was just buzzing about bikes and just went on my phone on Autotrader and looking at bikes/prices/miles and had the idea to look into naked bikes 600 CMC/1000 CMC- this type of bikes I like the most- I was looking for bikes to have max 780-790mm the lowest setting of the seat height because I'm just 5'4" and I like to feel the ground with both feet so I came across a bike that looked interesting: Suzuki GSR600. Stopped at 100HP because to have more, I think is a waste because everywhere in the UK you have speed cameras, 20/30/50/60 and max speed 70MPH and abroad, you have the autobahn in Germany where you can speed and if I want speed I will do track days. So why struggle? I consider that after 10 years of riding I still have a lot to learn and I want to do the most of a bike, not just rev it and say that I have a big bike that I'm riding only 80 miles in one journey because all my joints hurt because of the position. But, I'm stopping here because this is another topic. Started reading about the GSR and kinda, starting liking it: a naked bike with a sports engine. The combo I want on a bike: nice comfortable position for commuting and as well long rides, an engine that has enough torque to help you when you want to speed. The bike was in Birmingham, at Sheldon Motorcycles http://www.sheldonmotorcycles.co.uk/ , https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheldon-Motorcycles/192817227461594 .Was on the 31st of December when I've discovered it and sent an email to them.

On the 3rd I've remembered to check my email for this quote. Called them and Andy pick up the phone. I've had only three questions: is still available, is the bike exactly like the photos and accordingly to descriptions and why the owner is selling it. Paid 200GBP deposit over the phone and everything was sorted. After 5 minutes I'm calling again: can I take the bike and ride straight away or I need to pay to change the filters/fluids and I was amazed because Andy answered me that all bikes that are leaving the shop are ready to ride. For me was enough. Never tried one but, the seat( in numbers) seems lower than my BMW so for me was OK. Friday I was all hyped and buzzing around. In the evening I was looking what to take to get to Birmingham: just 2 buses, 2 trains, and the underground. Saturday morning, left home around 6:40 AM. First impression: Damn ... is hard to walk when you have your full winter gear on you, backpack and helmet :D First bus: the driver smiled, wished me a nice ride even though his bus is not as awesome as a bike and gave me a thumbs up!

Others looked as they've seen the donut man and when I was waiting for the first train, one oldish dude just started being rude and shouting "you f*gking bikers with your loud bikes" and I've just smiled and replied: "where do you see bikes? I ride a train ... I think you missed your morning pills" and just moved away from him.

The journey with the underground was without "incidents" :)

I'm getting near my new toy. I'm on the train, started reading and enjoying the view. Seen a rainbow. Seen beautiful cottages and farms and green grass. Staring being hype and by mistake, I went off the train one station earlier.

Went and bought another ticket and while I was walking towards the platform I've heard someone asking me what bike I ride. Turned around and seen an employee from Virgin Trains, Ray that seen me in full gear and started talking about bikes. Himself is a biker but, yesterday morning his motorbike didn't want to start and he drove to work. We've chatted for a couple of minutes and went to the platform. The train was approaching.

Went off the train at Marston Green. I was one bus ride away!!!

Finally, I was getting closer! I am there and guess what?!?! In the shop, near my future motorcycle, was my boyfriend!

He wanted to surprise me and to ride back home with me, him on his 125 and me on my new bike! I was soo happpyyy, just wanted to pay the bike and go riding. The team from Sheldon was very friendly and they've asked me if I want to see the bike. I was in heaven when I tried the bike and heard her started! Paid the bike straight away and while I was doing the insurance quote, another family came into the shop. Her name is Emma and she bought a triumph Street Twin. She is a future female rider and the bike was a present for her wedding anniversary. Her husband already rides Harleys so she is lucky to have support from her OH. Hi Emma and good luck with the license:). Finally, we are ready to go.

I was so excited!!! First ride on 2018 on a 2000 miles bike! I can say that the bike is new! Has no scratches, no marks, is just brand new, shiny and spotless!

Put gas, set the GPS to avoid motorways because my boyfriend ride an L plate 125 so we started our ride around 2 PM from Birmingham to Essex.

Started raining, I was riding slowly to get used to the new bike.Again, my Lomo dry bag backpack kept my things dry http://www.lomo.co.uk/acatalog/Dry-Boxes-dry-bags-uk.html#a770 .

Stopped to drink a tea and already was dark. When we wanted to start riding again, we've noticed that my boyfriend had no headlight anymore!

Fortunately, the parking lights started working and he was riding near me and imagine that we needed to be more careful because it was no one on the road in front of us, the road was icy, muddy and was the first time on this route. We were riding throw fields and forests were foggy, rabbits were hopping on the road and foxes just passing by. We didn't have cars in front of us to follow and to see what is in front but we had cars passing in opposite direction and the headlights sometimes just blinding us and needed to slow down in order to see something in front. Even though was very cold, we couldn't felt low temperature because a couple of times some drivers just turned in front of us without signaling and we tried to pay attention to avoid any incident. We just wanted to arrive home and to fix the 125.

Luckily around 8 PM, we were home, safe and sound, parking the bikes and having a hot tea. After this ride, I can tell you that Suzuki GSR 600is a very underrated bike. The riding position is great. I'm 5'4" and I can reach very well the ground and now...let's start shopping for accessories: crash pads, crash cage, radiator grille, heated grips, new exhaust, tyres and already she had a name: Lady Bug!

See you soon on the roads again!




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