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What is on your bucket list?

I admit it. Every new year eve I'm doing a nice bucket list. I'm looking at the one from the previous year and sometimes I laugh at how different my thinking was just one year into the past. My bucket list at some point is a normal slim down/ cut sugar/ eat healthy/ do more sports but, as well has new bike /new gear/ travel more/ learn to kitesurf/do a professional photoshoot/ ride more/ live more/ laugh more/get more tattoos/see my parents often!

Why I'm talking about bucket list in mid-September?

Heard a couple of people talking in the morning about the bucket list and remembered mine. I was surprised that even though I didn't look at the list since March (I think) I can say that 90% of the things on there I managed to achieve them, without planning them or struggling to make them come true. I do believe in karma and I do believe that when you wish for something that thing will happen to you when the time is right. Why I'm talking about bucket list in mid-September? Because I had almost two amazing months, full of small, personal achievements! And one of them was my new bike! I'm so proud of myself!

I'm that kind of person that always I'm trying to push my limits and improve and step out of my comfort zone. So last Sunday I've made another step and had a professional photo shoot. Made me more aware of how capable I am and things happen for a reason. Pointless to say that being a woman I always believed that I look ugly and fat and I don't like how I look and so on. But after Sunday, I definitely know that every lady needs to do this step at least once in a lifetime. Go for professional photos, or boudoir photos, or more business ones, or out in nature one, one on your bike in a woods or in an industrial surrounding but just do it!!! You will see what I'm talking about after you try it!

You will see how confident you will feel after. You will see that you really are nice, beautiful and we need to stop judging ourselves and accept that every lady is different and what fashion magazines tell us is just 0.1% of the women out there, not us, day by day ladies, with no army of stylists, designers, makeup artists and many more after us! We are students/bikers/mothers/ grandmothers/wives/ everyday women that struggle to have a better life for us and our loved ones! Ladies be proud of who you are and don't be ashamed anymore!!!! I'm so happy that I've chosen this photograph.

He was so professional and I had a blast working with him and I'm proud to say that he uses photoshop so little. He likes to keep everything so natural and to do the magic when we do the actual photos! And yes, already booked a shoot with me and my bikes ;)

Had an amazing fun day, full of fooling around, learning how to play with a huge, with a lot of buttons photo gear and had a blast!!! Everyone, he is Oct, amazing skills. He is the master of this amazing website http://throughimages.co.uk/​ and here you have a part of my photos:

Don't forget that you are amazing!!!

Here you have just a couple of photos from his work...you know copyrights :D

Yours truly,


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