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Chasing unicorns while riding a motorcycle towards a bomb! London- Frankfurt

After working 20 days in a row, I said I need a little riding break. In one of the evenings, my mom called me and I found out that she was visiting my brother and his family in Frankfurt and I was " ohhh nooo!!! However, I had planned to visit them on the 16th of September, not now!!! What can I do?" I'm addicted to my family and to one of my best friends: MY AWESOME MOM!!!

This is the route- > https://goo.gl/maps/G63hoYd13AQ2

Soooo, checked my account, bought new tyres ( the old ones were toooo worn out to resist more than 100 miles). Next day my battery run out on me in the middle of a junction in North London so again shopping.

New tyres, new battery, new gore-tex full gear, the itinerary was sorted out, booked tickets for the ferry. Did you know how easy is to book a ferry with DFDS https://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/ ? Let's ride! Of course that I needed to leave home at 2 AM, on the 1st of September, but didn't hear the alarm so I left home around 2:30 AM.

Is pointless to say that I had the ferry booked at 4 AM and London Dover 80 miles are around 1h 30min riding. Plus on the way was a heavy mist that I couldn't see 100 feet in front of me... Autumn is here :( . Arrived at 4:23 AM and the lady from the bookings office offered me to take the 6 AM ferry. She is a nice DFDS staff member: THANK YOUUUU!!! Of course, I'm not in the position to be picky, I just want to leave!

First in the line on lane 51. Next to me, a couple on a BMW 1200. They were going on holiday. 5:30 AM, already on the DFDS ferry! First sunrise on the sea for this year! Sea addict!

Started talking with the riders that were next to me when I was waiting for the ferry. Everybody, meet the lovely couple, Barbara and Norbert. They live around Leeds and will ride for 2 weeks on a holiday through Europe. First stop Italy from where they send me photos: IS SNOWING!

After 2 hours talking about traveling and riding, we said good bye and with the promise that we need to go and visit the northern countries next year in the summer! I'm in Dunkirk. Struggling a little bit to change my dashboard from MPH to KMH, but made it! Let's ride. This is the first-day route -> https://goo.gl/maps/ewy2Cj3JeVz

As usual, why take the motorway ( autobahn in this situation) and in 5-6h to be in Frankfurt? Neaahhhh, let's hunt unicorns and dragons ( about this in the next story :D ... nothing happens without reason).


In South Netherlands, you will find small cities, with amazing house designs. I don't even want to know the prices. First stop, the city of Oostburg, with only around 4300 people living there. Oostburg's symbol is the unicorn, from which the townsfolk are said to derive strength and courage. In reality, the unicorn's presence is represented by a sculpture produced by the sculptress Liesbeth Messer-Heijbroek.Currently, it shares with a modern fountain a spot in "Eenhoornplantsoen" (Unicorn Place) beyond the northern end of the old market square in the central market. Lovely town, almost no cars on the road, none in the car parks. Only bicycles and smiling people! The kids looked at me, at the bike and they were smiling and waving. I was proud of myself!

Until the next stop, I will have 232 km. I don't know the route so I'm stopping around every 80 km to fuel up. In all the petrol stations I see motorcycles packed for holidays. I like it so much when I see this. The sun is up and I'm around Antwerp. The GPS signal just went on holiday and I'm struggling to find the exit on the good motorway. After 50' I've made it! Along the way, stopped for fuel and a coffee.

Next stop is a dragon. Made by artist Rik van Rijswijk the Dragon was bought by the municipality of Beesel, The Netherlands. Beesel calls itself the dragon town and celebrates this every seven years by hosting a dragon festival. Rik’s Dragon reminds everyone within Beesel of this event all year round. Entering Beesel from Highway A73, the 12 meters tall Dragon on the roundabout is the first image you get when entering Beesel.

That area is so green and gives you a wonderful feeling of relaxation. But Andreea wake up...let's ride to Frankfurt, another 300 km. The ride was a pleasure, didn't speed, just rode how I wanted, nobody is rushing me.

Arrived in Frankfurt, my nephew ( 5 years old amazing kid) was so hyped to see me. Is his first time when he sees me all geared up and on the bike. He wants on the bike, he wants to hug me and to kiss me! Hugged everybody and I was the hyped one now! I was with my family ( a part of it). After 20 min managed to take my gear off and was talking with my mom when she told me that next to their house is a WWII bomb and on Sunday morning almost 70.000 people are evacuated and they didn't tell me until now so I will not freakout :)) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-41140949 What a day: motorcycle, dragons, unicorns, bombs! Saturday is about leaving my lover waiting for me outside and me spoiling my favorite guy: my lil nephew 😍! Sugar rush mode on!!! -Andreea, where is your red lipstick? -In my bag, why? -Is the first time when I see you without! -I've played with you and forgot! -I demand my mark: kiss meee! -OK, OK, wait! He's my love! The only man that you will see wearing so proud a lipstick mark on his cheek for hours in central Frankfurt! My hero!

In the evening we packed and evacuate ourselves to a nice hotel in Mainz.

Next day I've started my journey from there-> https://goo.gl/maps/PgPB76u3UBK2 . Had a couple of stops to fuel up.

At some point, in a petrol station when I was resting a bit, arrived around 10 adventure bikes ( BMWs, Ktm, Ducati) and some of them started talking with me in german and no chance :) started talking in English and they as well. They were curious how come that I ride alone and how come that I don't buy a bigger, adventure bike if I like so much to ride. My reply was: oh well...I don't know any crazy people like me and yeah, maybe I should think about it! Gear up and start riding again.

Around 5 PM I was already in Dunkirk. Let's try my luck. I had the ticket booked at 8 PM with DFDS ferries. Talk with the agent from booking office and made it! Awesome team DFDS!!! I will go on the ferry from 6 PM. So happyyy.

Two hours later I was in the UK. And how do you know you are in the UK? Started raining!!!!

80 miles later I was home, tired but happy!

Another riding trip ended nicely! Another 1313 miles added :)

Yours truly,



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