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Tools and tampons !

Sooo this is the story that happened yesterday. My own Thursday adventure. I was riding home. Knowing that I will run out of fuel soon, I've stopped at a petrol station. Of course, the card payment didn't work, no cash, but still I knew I have fuel to go home and back to work in the morning. Left the petrol station and stop at the light, the bike is in neutral. The light turned green, 1 gear and nothing! My biked died! First reaction: what a beginner you are :)) !!! But wait... I'm trying to start it again but, no noise, no lights on the dashboard, nothing. I was in front of a big lorry, cars passing left, right and when the lights went red I've pushed the bike on the side walk. OK!!!! so what now? Let's try again to start it...again nothing, zero, dead!

Started ringing my friends, was almost 8 PM and some are back home on holiday, some didn't pick up the phone and others weren't in London. OK! what next? "Cried" for help on an FB group with biker friends in London! However, at the light cars were passing by, bikers as well and everybody was looking at me. A guy asks me if I'm ok. He said that he used to be a biker and he tried to help me but, with no proper tools, is sort of, impossible. Aaaa and I forgot to tell you: I DIDN'T HAD ANY TOOLS WITH ME!!! Murphy's rules apply every single time!!!

Checked the surroundings and pushed my bike away from the junction in a safer place. Because I was near Tesco 24H and is a big supermarket I said that they need to have at least some basic tools. I've put the disk locks on the bike and went to buy something to try to fix my bike. Bought them and started removing the screws... But what can you expect from 5£ Tesco tools? You can't even use the screwdrivers... bad quality!!!

But I'm lucky! A friend calls me and ask me if I need help. Usually, I can manage basic repairs but, only when I have my tool box near me. So I said, yes, please, I do need help. In 20 minutes when I was waiting I had time to think what you need to have with you ALWAYS when you are riding. Being ladies we always have in our bags tampons. You will always find them in every bag. Riding a bike is the same! Must be compulsory to have on you: * a basic tool kit for the bike- yeah, motorcycle do break down

*first aid kit- useful if the bike breaks and you try to unscrew something and you cut yourself or another incident

* fix a flat kit - nails, screws, sharp metals on the road

*breakdown recovery (on insurance or another company)- if your bike will not have only a minor issue that you can't fix by yourself, is a good back up plan *water-stress and heat exhaustion “is a heat-related illness that can occur after you’ve been exposed to high temperatures, and it often is accompanied by dehydration but, as well when you stress a lot. *and ladies...don't forget about the tampons :D ! With all these ideas in my head, that 20 minutes run out and my friend was there. Of course, he had better tools than me and we started to take it one by one. First the battery terminals, nothing. Fuses, nothing. Jacks, nothing. OK then, let's change the battery. We went, took a battery and worked. I am so happy!!!! My old lady is alive! But is good when you have issues with the bike to look a lil bit further so today I had my battery relay and battery checked and the first advice was to put a new battery and to measure them after a couple of days. After last night event now I know that somehow I will need to squeeze 3 kits under the motorcycle seat. If you don't have space there, just put them in your back pack, there aren't heavy nor big. And don't forget about tampons.

For our own safety is good to know at least the basic knowledge about how we can check our bike and how to fix the basic things so we can make it until the next garage if we don't have breakdown recovery. However, in order to do that we need with what to do it. Take me and what happened last night to me as an example and don't do my mistakes.

Thank you, Adi!!! Thank you, Cristi!!!

Ride safe, stay safe!

Yours truly, Andreea xoxo

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