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Cy Woodman- 1913 attempt ride from NYC to New Mexico

Today article is short but, is about a female rider and we salute and we pay tribute to every woman motorcyclist that tried to make everybody see that women as well can ride motorcycles. Reading, researching and trying to learn more about female motorcyclist throw out the history, I am more and more impressed. Reading "On The Trail to Victory American Motorcyclist- Journal of the American Motorcyclist Association" 1988, August edition but, as well Cris Sommer Simmon's book "The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900 to 1950" I found some information about another lady rider, Cy Woodman.

I read more and find out that she was a freelance newspaper reporter and she owned a Flanders 4 motorcycle.

Even though isn't more information about her and her journey, we find out that "Cy" Woodman was the first woman attempting to ride solo across the United States on her 1912 Flanders 4, from New York City to New Mexico in 1913. However, However, due to an appendectomy, she was forced to finish her transcontinental trip by train.

Ray Stevens paintings -Miss "Cy" Woodman, New York to San Francisco, circa 1912 - 2011 - oil on canvas board - 8"x10"

Some of the female riders from that period were quite famous and have been honored by inductions into motorcycle halls of fame and immortalized in print or on film. However, a number of women were relatively unknown; in fact, some photos from that times even pictured unidentified women. But this will not stop us to try to write about them. Every female rider is equal. Isn't about who succeeded or not. The information is about the women pioneering motorcycles amongst ladies and writing a page in the motorcyclist history book. Is about ladies that had something in common with all two wheels lovers: passion, motorcycles, sense of adventure, pushing the limits. And for that we want these women to be remembered for their accomplishments.


http://raystevenspaintings.weebly.com/gallery---vintage-motorcycles.html "The American Motorcycle Girls: 1900 to 1950" - Cris Sommer Simmons’ hard copy "On The Trail to Victory American Motorcyclist- Journal of the American Motorcyclist Association" 1988 edition

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