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My birthday ride out- day 2

11th of August! Yes was my birthday!!! So let's see how the second day of riding will be. This was the itinerary https://goo.gl/maps/B9za62njuKR2 Wake up around 7 AM, packed everything and went to have breakfast. Looked outside the window: raindrops on the window and cloudy.

Open the weather app and in Devon& Cornwall area were 40% chances of rain! Sounds better than 90% from yesterday. Had my breakfast, enjoyed the nice view that the restaurant offers you and as well a short heavy rain. Sorted everything at the reception and went up, geared up and start laughing because I've taken a photo before the breakfast, in the mirror and one after I was geared and in my head was the line: -See, if you always eat too much you don't fit in the mirror :))!

Left the hotel and finally, the sky was getting cleared and the sun was shining! First stop - The Minack Theatre

The Minack Theatre is Cornwall's world famous open-air theatre, carved into the granite cliff and set in glorious gardens overlooking the spectacular panorama of Porthcurno Bay. From above it looks as though some wandering Greeks, two thousand years ago, had carved a theatre into the granite cliffs of Porthcurno, Cornwall. In fact, it was just under eighty years ago that there was nothing there except a sloping gully of gorse and heather and below that, the sea of the Atlantic Ocean. (more info here https://www.minack.com/ )

After seeing the amazing colors and the sun, my smile was up to my ears. Just discovered my favorite theatre. However, I still have a long way home.

Next stop: Land's End. Another 4 miles on a B road but, an amazing one because I will see the spot I wanted to see when I will be 31 and excited because I am still 30! Whooopppp Whoppp! Made it! I'm there! Parked the bike, took the back pack and I was so happy! The sun was up, the sky was so blue and with the sea, a spectacular view, a breathtaking scenery.

And the place is legendary. For a walk through the history lane where you will have more info https://www.landsend-landmark.co.uk/pages/lands-end-history . Fields with flowers, the cliffs, the sun, the sea, the sky and me! I was mesmerized! I just stood there and listen to the sea and the wind!

Wait, my phone is ringing, oh...here I have signal! One of my friends: "- Hi, Andreea! where are you? -Hi there! I'm at the end of the land!!!! -Yah right, you're mocking me! Common, tell me where you are, please, because I need your toolbox to fix something. -If you're coming after me at the end of the land, I will tell where the box is :)) - Common Andreea stop making fun! -Mayday Mayday, I'm at Land's End! It is really the end of the land- the westernmost point of the British mainland :)) -Ohhhh... you aren't joking! -Nope! -You're with the bike, aren't you? You're crazy! Then take care!! Don't jump from those rocks and come home!!!!Ride safe! -Bye!"

Another sweet and encouraging moment was when I decided to go. On the path from the cliffs until the sign with Land's End where on one of the boards you can put where are you from and mileage, you can write something else. Of course, I wanted a photo there made by the photographer. I was queuing and looking at all the wonderful people that had their photo taken. Some of them had written "1st holiday" because they were on their first holiday like a family with a newborn. Other couple had Australia and the mileage. Other personal things. I was amused because after me there was a boy ( 7-8 years old) and he was asking everybody the meaning and that way everybody was paying attention. It's my turn. I'm helping the lady to spell what I wanted there and turned around to have my photo taken. A lady asked loud what is it and I felt proud: FEMALE RIDERS UK! Is my website, I ride a motorcycle and is for all the women with this passion! Straight away everybody starting applauding. OMG! I was blushing and my smile... was huge! (I will have that photo in 2 weeks because it is a hard copy photo). Can I stay here? I don't want to go back! Left a part of my heart there and one day I will return! After one hour I was totally blown away again: Godrevy Beach. A vast sandy beach, high cliffs, and dramatic coves. At low tide, Godrevy beach is revealed at the northern end of St Ives Bay. Three miles of golden sand stretches from Hayle around the bay to Godrevy Cove. There is plenty of space to enjoy a day at the beach. There were people having picnics, enjoying a day out with the family, dogs, friends. Just enjoying the nice weather! I don't know if you ever had that feeling that OMG! THESE PLACES ARE REALLY REAL! When we were little we watched movies filmed on the British landmarks and now, to really see the real beauty that you grew up in your head, for me is wow! (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/godrevy )

Definitely, I don't want to return to London! Starting to hate the town!!! Again, I'm struggling with my thoughts and I need to leave. Looked again to the sea, to the sun and seen my dashboard clock: I already 2 PM! Oh, snap! Next stopping points St. Agnes Heritage Coast, Exmoor Heritage Coast, and two more stops. Ok, let's do it! On my way to St. Agnes, riding only on the coast on B3300/ B3301 I couldn't pay much attention to the road. Wanted just to look left to see the sea. Let's see how the next pit stop looks like. I've entered in this small beach village, with the feeling that I'm in Greece! And again see the sea!!! I like only vitamin SEA!!!! Again, with no GPS signal managed to find Trevaunance Cove. ( https://www.visitcornwall.com/beaches/good-beach-guide-2014/north-coast/st-agnes/trevaunance-cove-beach )

Left the bike in a small parking place, didn't bother to take the back pack with me, I have only clothes and nothing important so if they want to take it, bad luck, nothing to sell! I have spent a good few minutes watching the waves crash in and the surfers do their stuff. On this particular day, the beach was warm and busy with families enjoying the summer. Life is so different outside London! My only neuron kicked in: "-Come one Andreea, come, let's ride! Long way home! -But, I don't want to! I like it here! -Then, return to London, work, save, don't spend it on Amazon&Ebay things and you can move here. Is not the first time when you start everything all over again. -OK, OK! Let's ride!" He wins! Starting riding again, heading towards Exmoor Heritage Coast, but guess what? You remember that 40% from the morning? Yeah, you guessed: is raining! AGAIN!!!!

I didn't want to give up but, after passing Brayford, the road (another B road) started to be very muddy and after more than two hours of pouring rain I just stopped in a gas station, fueled up and set my GPS on motorway and home. The sky was black so no chances for the rain to stop. Wasn't forth the struggle to see the last 3 stops: Exmoor Heritage Coast, Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol and the Roman Baths. Because of the heavy rain and because was almost 7 PM and I wouldn't enjoy it so much. These ones aren't so far away from London so let's head it home. Three more hours on the motorway and I'm finally home. Parked the bike and one of my friends, hear the bike, come out with the cover and welcomes me home, hugs me and goes back in the house to sleep. I've made it. 828 miles in 2 days.

If your exhaust is not howling in your ears after parking your bike, if your wrists, your legs, your back aren't soaring after a bike ride, that means that you can still ride a long way. But, after this amazing ride, at least for me, with amazing places and seen the sun a bit.

I surrender to my bed with a big smile and I know that I can and I will!!!

Try to do what makes you feel alive! Don't just exist, live!

Yours truly, Andreea xoxo

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