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World's Largest all Female GP Track Parade- 26th of August 2017

After I've attended 'World's Largest All Female Biker Meet' on the 16th of July when a new world record was established by 1132 women riding their own motorcycles, I found out about the next another great event hosted by Moto Advisor (Nimi Patel and Sherrie Woolf). This event will set another milestone in the women motorcyclist community. Female riders want to create and set the NEW world record for

"World's Largest all Female GP Track Parade". (Is the first event for this title)

Would be particularly amazing if we could do a follow-up World Record Event at the Moto GP not only to beat the Aussie’s ride out record that took place in 2016 when 1002 Australian women motorcyclist have smashed two world records in one hit at the Dubbo Babe Raid for the largest gathering of female riders and the largest all-female motorcycle parade.

Dubbo Babe Raid sets two world records in 2016

Just imagine hundreds and hundreds of lady riders, on they own motorcycles, doing a parade on the Silverstone Circuit track after the 2017 Octo British Grand Prix MotoGP http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2017-octo-british-grand-prix-motogp/ MINDBLOWING!

Source: Sky Sports

The date of the event will be 26th of August 2017. What a nice birthday present will be for me because my birthday will be on the 11th of August! Whoppp whooppp!!! The tickets for the female riders and companion(s) will be at a discounted price ( 50% less- £22.50!!!!), thanks to the organizers! Upon arriving our bikes will be on display within the circuit grounds instead of the usual parking areas outside the circuit. We will be given special parking passes to access our area, called Centre 2. If you are using a non-road bike for the parade and arriving in a van or with a trailer, please inform the team. We need to arrive as close to 8:30 AM as possible. Why so early? Because by 10 AM, racing will start and it will be difficult to get to the inside of the circuit.

After arrival and parking up, we can explore and enjoy all the action going on during the qualifying rounds! For the parade, we need to be back to our bikes and ready to start moving at 4 PM. We will then make our way trackside for a briefing which must be done for insurance purposes. The parade starts at 6:25 PM. After the ride, we will head back to Centre 2 car park and announce the count!! From there, we are all free to join in the evening’s entertainment put on at Silverstone. Further details here: http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/2017-octo-british-grand-prix-motogp/ Let's be THE BOMB! Share and invite all your female riders!!!

How you purchase the tickets and other up to date info you will find on the event main FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/156850114863929/

Ride safe! Yours truly, Andreea xoxo

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