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Motorcyclists, along with cyclists and pedestrians, are among the most vulnerable road users

Yesterday for me was a sad day. Found out that a lady biker, friend of mine, died in a motorcycle accident on a bendy road and another friend of mine had an accident on his motorcycle, in London, because a car just turned in front of him and left him badly injured but, alive and now with metals in his body, recovering. I was thinking how many accidents happen in the UK and started my research. Then, I've remembered that when I moved to the UK and bought my first bike here, I felt in traffic like a beginner even though I was riding motorcycles back home for more than seven years, because of new traffic regulations, new signs, big city life-London!

Nine years ago the first advice that i was given as a biker was: IN TRAFFIC EVERYBODY WANTS TO KILL YOU, SO BE CAREFUL !

So we need always to learn, to improve our skills, to prevent, to ride safe In London I was advised to go and make some safety courses with the Metropolitan Police and I'm glad that I went!

Photo credit http://www.bikesafe.co.uk/ Facebook Page

Taking part at a BikeSafe course was a good experience and taught me a lot. 

Police Bike

Having a metropolitan police officer all day with you on A and B roads, observing your mistakes and after that telling you what you've done wrong and how you can improve your riding is always good because on a motorcycle you are never good enough and you always have things to learn.

The welcoming at the course

This courses will not guarantee you that if you attend them you will be invincible, but you will learn new things and you will become more aware of a lot of things and you will learn how to react in the day by day traffic.

Me and the police office assigned to attend me in traffic

Through BikeSafe workshop, you will have detailed briefings on hazard awareness and how to make your motorcycling safer, followed up by an on-road assessed ride. Under the eagle-eye of an experienced BikeSafe assessor, you will receive detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your riding. 

If you ask me, this course should be compulsory after you pass your test and have riding license. After having the BikeSafe assessment, you can attend an advanced rider course Here you have a couple of examples. Feel free to google it ;)

feedback from de assesor

Here you have a couple of examples of courses that you will not regret that you've  booked them:

BikeSafe site  It costs £45 to attend, for a one-day course. 

IAM RiadSmart Advanced Rider Course site RoSPA Advanced Driverd and Riders site Enhanced Rider Scheme GOV site

Biker Down first aid emergency course site

 If you think that this course will not help you, just look at this statistics to see how important is to watch out!

In 2015 motorcycle accident statistics shown that motorcyclists remain the most vulnerable road users, accounting for 21% of all road deaths in Great Britain in 2015.  365 motorcyclists lost their lives, the equivalent of one per day.  This was an increase of 8% from 2014 and contrasts with the general downward trend for fatalities among most other road users (for example the number of fatalities among car occupants was down 5%; pedestrians 9% and cyclists 12%). The number of seriously injured motorcyclists decreased by 5% (to 5042); however, the figures increased by 4% from 2013 levels.  The number of slightly injured motorcyclists also decreased by 1% to 14,511, though 2015 was still above the 2010- The statistics for motorcyclists killed in transport accidents 2011 to 2014 can be found on this website at the following link (table 5): Statistics for motorcyclists killed Here is some advice to help you stay safe on the road from the "Think!" team In London, in 2016 there were around 100,000 motorcyclists ( ‘Motorcyclist’ refers to all riders of all ‘powered two-wheeler’ vehicles, including scooters or mopeds). The figures were released as the London Assembly committee published its report ‘Easy Rider: Improving motorcycle safety on London roads’. https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/easy_rider_improving_motorcycle_safety2.pdf ttps://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/easy_rider_improving_motorcycle_safety2.pdf  Improving the skills of us, the motorcyclists is vital for improving our safety, as is educating other road users about how to avoid collisions.

Ride safe!!!

Info:  http://think.direct.gov.uk/motorcycles.html




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