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Pack as a biker being a lady!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I was talking yesterday with a friend of mine, future lady rider about riding. She started riding school to get her permit for riding motorcycles and our main discussion was:

"-How would I fit all my clothes and everything on the bike when I will go riding for a couple of days? - You need to be practical and to take only what is necessary for your comfort on the bike. -Hmmm...then I will buy top&side panniers for the bike! "

I think that every single person that started the motorcycle life adventure experienced that. We switched from packing a large case until bursting with new clothes, shoes, fashion accessories, a lot of cosmetics and gadgets to a backpack and maybe 2-3 cases made for bikes.

From my experience and 9 years of journies on the bike and of course seeing/asking left- right and of course researching, this are my tips how and what to pack for a couple of days during summer time, with no pillion, on road. First and most important: your bike need to be in a good shape – check brakes (plenty of brake pad before you leave), check tires & shocks (air pressure) and if you can go to your local garage for a check up before you leave. Of course please fuel up every time you see a petrol station, safer that way and you can stretch !

  • Don't forget to have ID, cash (not every shop has card payment), insurance & roadside assistance info, motorcycle key, phone/camera/charger, maps/directions, sunglasses & rain/night goggles, luggage, helmet, gloves, riding shoes, and clothing worn on the first day you don't want to ride naked😁

  • You need to decide if you camp and/or use basic sleeping facilities or check into hotels/guest houses.

  • We tend to take more and useless things.You need to pack in advance, in order to pack LIGHT! When we pack on the run...NOT GOOD!

  • Small tool kit (suggestion tool kit for motorcycle ).

  • Pack a rain suit. Your rain jacket can be your go-to jacket for nighttime rides and whenever temperatures drop a bit.

  • A small ziploc bag filled with first aid type stuff.

  • Pack everything in plastic bags.

  • Take the smallest/thinnest garments that compress the best. (Polyester is your friend on the road! It’s lightweight, packs small, and dries quickly!) Bags keep clothes dry and organized — especially socks, undies, sleepwear.

  • Thin shirts are warmer, lighter, and more flexible than 1 thick hooded sweatshirt. In cool summer temps, a fleece vest or pullover keeps you warm without making you hot.

  • A pair of jeans for the end of the day when you accommodate and going out to visit and eat.

  • All clothes must be light, un-creasable, easy to hand wash or to drop into a hotel washing machine and being quick to dry. You tend to end up wearing the same clothes so variety isn’t essential. Andddd role your clothes when you pack them, takes up less space.

  • If you have a long hair, is better to braid it and put some sun lotion 100 protection and Argan oil to the ends so you will not have to cut your hair because of split and dry ends.

  • We all know about the helmet hair so take a seamless bandana tube (high elastic headband) you can use it to cover your hair/head from heat and when you're riding use it on your neck .

  • Cosmetics...hard choice which one we need or not...because we need allll!!!! But on the bike, you need a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb/brush, small bottles of shampoo and shower gel, Kleenex wipes. You can make it a couple of days without all cosmetics, trust me! And if you are on prescription med, take them!!!!

  • Carry water: make a point to drink some every time you stop (even if you don’t feel thirsty). It’s important to your alertness and your overall comfort level to stay hydrated.

  • Bike boots, flip-flops, and trainers are probably all you’ll need – and bare feet after a long day are probably the best option!

  • The general rules if you tie your bag, no matter what kind of strap or cord or rope or whatever is that they need to be tight, allowing for no movement of the bag whatsoever.

Use this website to have an idea about the check list You can say that you need a lot of things, that you can't imagine not doing your daily routine but I guaranty you that the smile under the helmet, at the end of the journey, will make you forget the frustration when you've packed!

Less is more!!!!

Ride safe!

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