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Clara Marian Wagner- 1910

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Clara Wagner post card

Hmm, when I ride I pay attention to the traffic but as well I have all sort of thoughts. Today I realized that I don't know who is the first female motorcycle rider in the history so I came with the idea to make a section of successful female riders from the past until now. This is my tribute to all the ladies that put female riders on the map world wide and shown everybody that women can ride and we are proud of it!

So let's start with the first documented woman motorcyclist CLARA MARIAN WAGNER ( 11 November 1891- 30 December 1961). She became notable as an endurance racer and was sponsored by the Eclipse Machine Co., a bicycle company, for using its braking products.

In 1907, Clara, aged 15 years old and the daughter of the Wagner Motorcycle Company (1901-1914 ) owner George Wagner from Saint Paul, Minnesota, became a member of the American Federation of Motorcyclists (FAM). Clara put the company's motorcycles on the map by achieving a perfect score in a FAM 365 mile endurance race, finished first, from Chicago to Indianapolis in 1910, aged 18, but was denied the trophy because she was female. She won several such events. At the time, Wagner was celebrated on a series of postcards as "The most successful and experienced lady motorcyclist" and rode the first motorcycle designed specifically for women.

Clara Wagner post card

This is the design of Wagner Motorcycles

Wagner 1911

Wagner 1911 restored

And look at what I've found: the restoration of Clara Marian Wagner motorcycle

Info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clara_Wagner https://wheelsthroughtime.com/2017/03/31/clara-wagner-lives/

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