August 2, 2017

Today isn't about the War of the Roses, is about a women motorcycle club named The English Rose Sisterhood!
Who are the ladies?

From The English Rose Sisterhood website ( ) we found out that the club was establishe...

August 1, 2017

Yesterday for me was a sad day. Found out that a lady biker, friend of mine, died in a motorcycle accident on a bendy road and another friend of mine had an accident on his motorcycle, in London, because a car just turned in front of him and left him badly injured but,...

July 28, 2017

I was talking yesterday with a friend of mine, future lady rider about riding. She started riding school to get her permit for riding motorcycles and our main discussion was:

"-How would I fit all my clothes and everything on the bike when I will go riding for a coupl...

July 27, 2017

Hmm, when I ride I pay attention to the traffic but as well I have all sort of thoughts. Today I realized that I don't know who is the first female motorcycle rider in the history so I came with the idea to make a section of successful female riders from the past until...

July 26, 2017

If you wonder how many ladies ride a motorcycle in the UK, I can tell you that minimum 1132! I bet there are a lot more and I do believe that in the future will be more ladies enjoying this hobby.

On the 16 July 2017  at Lynn's Raven Cafe Whitchurch SY13 2AF UK a small...

July 26, 2017

Hi all! 

Stay tuned!
Soon the website will be up and running! 

Ride safe!

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