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October 18, 2019

Autumn is here!

Is that moment of the year when the temperature is starting to drop and the daily commute or a late autumn ride is demanding extra layers.

I always hated looking as the Michelin man, with extra layers, which just narrows my movements so I said that I nee...

August 31, 2019

Last year I've rode test for a first time ever since I've started riding, a bobber, a motorcycle with this type of riding position, totally different compared with sport/naked motorcycle that I've owned until now.

I didn't had nothing to compare it with so this year I'v...

August 7, 2019

Morning all!
Today let's  talk about the LIGHT TRIANGLE!
Is voodoo that we are doing on ? NO!
Is about safety on your motorbike and to increase your chances to ride safe home everytime, after a motorcycle ride out.

Do you know what is it and why was approved by the EU c...

June 29, 2019

Is nearly our second birthday, almost two years since I've started this lilttle dream to support female riders, to change the stereotypes that is just a men sport, a men hobby, a men lifestyle, only a men motorcycle world- and I love what I do.

I love bringing new conte...

May 15, 2019

I'm riding for 11 years but I never attended a track day as in my mind I always thought that I will crush on the track or I will fail to ride a bike on a track due to my mindset and as well I'm not that much into racing.

I want to improve my cornering so is time to inv...

May 4, 2019

This time I’m writing about the Michelin Fit2Go TMPS- tyre pressure management system

Why is important to have the correct tyre pressure ? Because proper tyre pressure is vital for safety, braking, grip and maximizing t...

April 20, 2019

If you don't know how you can do more miles, we have the solution, for the Female Riders UK Miles Quest for which you just need to do a photo of your mileage next to a receipt/newspaper/another phone and send it over to and you are in!

You just...

April 9, 2019

Last year I've purchased a pair of Oxford Ladies Super Leggings - Black.

Wanted something light and comfortable, yet safe to ride in, while doing short rides.

I was a bit skeptical about that all specifications offered by Oxford :

" The Oxford Ladies Super Leggings 

For th...

March 8, 2019

Is 08th of March, is International Women's Day and we celebrate this day launching a quest only for female riders!

Because we want to encourage more ladies to ride, to step into this world of scooters, motorcycles, and trikes.
As well we want to promote the already...

February 27, 2019

Today is the start of the first edition of this international event: Women Riders World Relay.

What is about?

Hayley Bell, the founder, a 27 year old office manger from Warrington, England  had an idea to unite under the same event, all female riders world wide, by conne...

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